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Commercial Air Conditioner
Our Commercial Air Conditioners are alternatively known as Industrial Air Conditioners that are primarily installed in manufacturing units, offices, industries and allied bigger premises or spaces. Basically a heavy-duty AC is installed in one building through which ducts are connected to offer uniform cool air in different places of same building.
Air Conditioner Units
With increasing deforestation, the warmth of earth is encounter-able to the customers. Therefore, they install Air Conditioning Units of ours to eliminate the drowsiness and fatigue of summer days without compromising with their productivity. Our units are the most efficient and quietest of conventional AC units available.
Air Washer
Provided Air Washers are great method to enhance the air caliber in customers’ homes as they expel hefty particles from the atmosphere as well as include dampness while concurrently reducing the levels of carbon monoxide. Further, when installed in places, they can improve productivity while motivating the people.
Air Handling Unit
Industries and large companies require to monitor their air systems regularly for their employees’ safety. We cater to requirements of Air Handling units for complete regulation of air in large premises. Hence, our units are deployed to circulate and control air in air-conditioning, ventilating or heating system.
Industrial Chillers
Our Industrial Chillers are machines that expel heat from any fluid through absorption refrigeration or a vapor compression cycle. This fluid can be drawn via a heat exchanger to chill down the equipment or different procedure stream, for example, process water or air. Our chillers are centralized that serve different cooling requirements.
Industrial Dehumidifiers
Provided Industrial Dehumidifiers are normally industrial and commercial instruments that minimize the humidity level in the atmosphere, generally for comfort or health reasons or to remove must odors. Different sizes are present to be employed in commercial structures, for example, interior ice rinks to direct the dampness level.
Evaporative Cooling System
We present Evaporative Cooling System that cools atmosphere’s air via water evaporation. This cooling system varies from ordinary AC systems that apply absorption refrigeration or vapor compression courses. Further, our system functions by using water’s big enthalpy of vaporization. The dry air temperature can be reduced through phase conversion of fluid to vapor.
Water & Air Balancing Service
All every person knew that he can minimize elevated energy costs, solve exhaust and ventilation issues as well as moderate cold or hot places in his building, with our Water and Air Balancing Service. In this service, our officials perform HVAC balancing, adjusting and testing that are crucial for guaranteeing proper functioning of customers’ HVAC systems.
AC AMC Services
AMC stands for Annual Maintenance Contact, therefore, we present AC AMC Services in which customers only need to pay once for a yearly service. The service may include repairing, installation, maintenance and more services. Immediate breakdown attendance is exceptional feature of our service that is unseen-able in the market.

Duct Fabrication
Ducts are extensively deployed in industries and commercial places mainly for AC systems. In our Duct Fabrication service we present amalgamation of propelled advancement along with conventional methods of building ducts. Any shape and size can be fabricated for particular application or requirement. Each fitting is trimmed with modern plasma machine.
Air Conditioner Installation
Not everybody does know about installation of Ac, hence, we present Air Conditioner Installation service that is available for customers. Our officials precisely fit packaged AC and VRF AC into customers’ walls and ducts. Do not hold yourself back to avail this service as it will only cost you like the shipment charges.
Ductable Ac
Our Ductable AC has adaptable air intake methods that are an impeccable cooling arrangement for customers’ commercial spaces. It is outlined for simple entrance to service panel at base of internal unit as well as side panel in exterior unit, therefore, enabling handling more convenient. This additionally offers prolong air supply.

Package AC
The split and window air conditioners are generally employed for the small and medium AC capacities of around 5 tons. Whereas our Packaged AC is deployed for cooling limits in between 5 to 20 tons. Further, our ACs is installed in areas such as small halls, telephone exchanges, homes, restaurants and more.
Industrial Humidifier
Our Industrial Humidifiers are instruments that enhance moisture or humidity in a whole building or one room. In industries, our humidifiers connected to HVAC system that offers dampness to the complete premise. Further, our systems are technologically composed that additionally offer conservation of water and electricity.
Duct Cleaning Services
Covered behind customers’ walls and majorly neglected, their air ducts function as important pathways, which offer cool and warm air throughout their houses amid the year. To clean the most hard and stubborn dusts, we feature Duct Cleaning Services that are performed by trained specialists. These officials will leave customers’ duct and HVAC system as former after completing their jobs.
Water Cooled Screw Chiller
Water cooled screw chillers are designed with a robust structure and furthermore in such a way, to the point that they provide efficient as well as effective cooling arrangements alongside vigorous performance.

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